Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

International Student Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program is a bilateral arrangement between Kathmandu College of Management and Siam University to allow students to experience a new culture and learn in the process. An exchange is an exhilarating adventure so here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you embark on your voyage.


  • How do I apply for the exchange program at KCM?
    The process of applying for the Student Exchange Program at KCM is simple. You can register at Siam University, Thailand by contacting your student exchange coordinator.
  • Which subjects can I take during the exchange program?
    You will be able to choose from some or all of the subjects offered in the particular semester. Please refer to this link  for a complete listing of the course subjects available. Since KCM believes in the practicality and applicability of theoretical knowledge, the subjects will be supplemented with field trips and tours to gain a proper understanding of the study matter.
  • When does the semester start?
    The Spring semester begins in February while the Fall session starts in July. However, incoming students are advised to arrive two weeks prior to the start of the coursework so as to familiarize with the local environment.
  • What is the fee structure and how do I pay?
    The fee structure is the same as in Siam University and has to be cleared at the university before you arrive.
  • How much does it cost to travel from Bangkok to Kathmandu?
    The traveling cost ranges from $400- $500 depending on the airline. There are three major carriers that you can choose from:
    1. DragonAir
    2. Thai Airways
    3. Nepal Airlines
  • What is the food and lodging cost?
    On average, monthly expenses for accommodation and board will be around $150 for an individual. For students willing to share rooming facilities, you need to pay less.
  • How is the climate in Nepal?
    KCM has two student-intakes each year:  one in Fall and the other in Spring. The Fall semester starts from July where you will be greeted by the monsoon season. So be prepared to bring warm clothing, as the weather will get colder by the end of the year. Spring semester will be a joyful one where you will get to witness the natural beauty of the country in full bloom. The semester will start from January till June so light clothes will be suitable.
  • What are the VISA requirements?
    You have to apply for study Visa. Those coming for study, teaching or conducting research in the educational institutions of Nepal are eligible for Visa. It is issued by the Director General, Department of Immigrations and may be extended at a time or several times, till the duration of the course or assignment. However, it is issued not exceeding one year at a time. Application for Visa should be submitted to the Department of Immigration. The application should be submitted with recommendation from the Ministry of Education (GON).
  • Who provides for foreign exchange student travel insurance?
    Incoming students are responsible for arranging health and accident insurance coverage in Thailand prior to the exchange. KCM will not be liable for any loss or damage of personal belongings and any injury sustained to oneself. Nepal is a center of attractions. So, while you are here, you can visit various places and discover the culture and tradition along with sight-seeing. To know more about Nepal, visit the following link http://bit.ly/1A5xcem

For further information, please contact
Maria Emerita I. Shrestha
Vice Principal
Kathmandu College of Management
Tel +977-1-5200746
Email indra@kcm.edu.np