Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

11th Inter College Music Competition

The 11th Inter College Music Competition (ICMC) successfully winded down with its grand finale on December 20, 2014 seeing ‘Fragments’ from Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT) as winners, “Crown of Thrones” from Jamsthan B as the 1st runner up, “Strychnine” representing Saipal Academy as the judges favorite, ‘5th element’ from Pathshala A as the second runner up and Bishrambha from S3 music academy as the crowd’s favorite.

Dilak Shakya, vocalist of fragments expressed that he and his team were in unbridled joy when declared the winner of ICMC. “For beginners like us, a platform like ICMC is like a blessing which lets us exhibit our talent and set a foot in the music market. I and my band members are glad that we are known to a huge crowd now, we are also having our albums launched as a winning prize and we hope to make it bigger now.” shared Shakya.

The team bagging the 1st position will be getting three songs compiled, the team standing 2nd one song complied, the judges favorite getting one song compiled , the team standing 3rd  received a cash prize of NRs.15,000 and the crowd’s favorite received a cash prize of NRs. 5000.

The judging criterion was 70 percentile judges’ scores and 30 percentile audience vote. The judging panel were Nikhil Tuladhar (Drummer, Mukti & Revival), Sharad Shrestha (Guitarist, Tumbleweed Inc) and Bijay Shrestha (Bassist, Jindabaad, X Mantra, Monkey Temple)
Bijay Shrestha expressed that he is really enjoying judging the emerging musical talents of tomorrow. “A platform like ICMC can be a huge opportunity for aspiring musicians if used to the best. Initiatives like this should be supported and multiplied in the country.” He mentioned

ICMC which was incepted back in 2003 and which has now become the legacy of Kathmandu College of Management and a music event brand in the market has from the very beginning aimed at giving platforms to aspiring musicians to showcase their music talent and potentially serve the Nepali music industry as valuable artists in the future.
The competition saw 5000+ crowd getting footloose in utter music enjoyment and also enjoying the various food stalls, games stalls and photo booth at the venue.

The guests bands this time were Vomitting Snakes, Binaash , X Mantra and Mukti and Revival who added to the glory of this music event.
Mukti Shakya, Vocalist and Guitarist of Mukti & Revival reiterated that he also started off his music career when he was a college student and expressed his belief of that age being a prime time to start doing something you have passion for. 

“I am very happy that KCM college students are initiating such a platform where aspiring musicians emerge and possibly contribute as a valuable artist of the country in the future. I am looking forward to see the enthusiasm of the participating teams at the event and also play at the event” Mukti shared

11th ICMC was titled sponsored by Micromax, powered by Ruslan and Q Cinemas, Co Sponsored by Pashupati Biscuit and The Sports Bar, supported by UM Motors, Coca-Cola and Pathshala. The 2nd prize of ICMC will be sponsored by Meat Co Yomari, the 3rd prize by Mega Bank Limited and Judges Favorite by G Next.