Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

Annual day 2014

The year 1997 saw an establishment of leading world class management education provider. The college was Kathmandu College of Management (KCM) and on 21st November 2014 it celebrated its 18th year and 12th annual day. KCM carried forward its mission of providing quality global education by introducing two courses with the partnership from the Siam University, Thailand, starting this year.

Eighteen years have pass since the dawn of KCM and one can still find that rigor existing. KCM has always believed in the transformation of leadership and till date, KCM leaders have outshone everywhere. The focus on Extra Curricular Activities has always been a major focus for the overall growth of the student and this is reflected on things they do.

The 12th KCM Annual day, marked the presence of Mr. Nilkantha Uprety as the chair of the ceremony where as Mr. Joseph Silvanus, CEO of the Standard Charted Bank, Nepal, was the chief guest. Pushpa Raj Adhikary, Academic Director for International BBA program at KCM and Mr. Bishnu Raj Adhikari, Principal of KCM also marked their presence. Awards and certificates were distributed to the outstanding students in education and extracurricular activities. Not only limiting it to medals and certificates, there was a transfer of the leadership from the Student council of 2013-2014 to 2014-2015. KCM Student Council has always been a major part in engaging the students and uplifting their potentials.

Mr. Nilkantha Uperty emphasized on the privilege that each KCM student got and that he would have definitely joined KCM had its existence at his education phase. He believed that the quality of education provided at the institution is remarkable and is an example for others to follow.
 Mr. Bibhushan Bista, CEO of Young Innovations and an ex KCMite emphasized on the establishment of network during college days and all that time he had spent at KCM was a learning process and it indeed made a difference. He believed that knowledge was power and KCM imparted the right knowledge for students.

Lastly, Mr. Silvanus said that the passion KCMite had was remarkable and it was enough to drive the students in a correct path. MR. silvanus added that he had high expectations from the students as it always believed in quality.
KCM has always set a standard in every aspect. It is sure that KCM will touch newer heights and be a institution for providing quality resources to meet the need of the market.