Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

Corporate Orientation and International BBA Program Launching

Kathmandu College of Management (KCM), the pioneer institution to introduce BBA in Nepal organized a ‘Corporate Orientation’ for the new enrollments of 2014 as well as officially launched the ‘International BBA Program’ in partnership with Siam University, Thailand at Soaltee Crowne Plaza in Kathmandu on the 29th of August 2014.

The first phase of the program was the ‘Corporate Orientation’ which began at 2:30 p.m. wherein industry leaders like Dr. Hemant Dawadi, Director General, FNCCI; Mr. Suman Shakya, CEO, Tangent Waves Pvt Ltd; Mr K B Manandhar, Former Deputy Governor, NRB; Mr Krishna Sivakriskul, President, Thai- Nepal Chamber of Commerce; Prof. Pornchai Mong Khonvanit; President Siam University and Mr Ramesh Hamal, Vice President, Thai-Nepal Chamber of Commerce were panelists. The moderator for the event was Mr. Hari Silwal, Senior Faculty at KCM.
The purpose of organizing this phase of the orientation was to give students the exposure of hearing valuable insights about the corporate world, the industry leader’s experiences and what got them where they are, and also a chance of converging with them about their interests and queries.
In the event, Dr Dawadi, put forward the vicious circle that has been going on in the economy because of a gap potential employees should recognize, high time. In Nepal, the private sector complains about not finding the right employees, and the employees complain that they do not find jobs. So there is certainly a gap. In my opinion, potential employees of the future like you should be positively oriented about the country and business in general. You should have knowledge not just of business but other social sciences and harness not just content knowledge ,but communication and interpersonal skills in order to be a successful entrant in the corporate world." he shares.
Suman Shakya, another panelist for the event recollected his anecdote and linked it to business and the country. Shakya remarked, My MBA professor always taught us that Business Management is a process of transformation where you have to go in as a donkey and come out as a horse. In our country, that doesn’t seem to be happening. The potential for so many things is there, but the potential has remained, because we do not have any forward thinking people. What I want from BBA graduates like you is to see opportunities, even in bleak situations like load shedding and capitalize on it to boom your enterprise.
The moderator for the event, Mr Hari Silwal, also enlightened the crowd by sharing a chicken and egg metaphor to explain the situation of human resources in Nepal. "Should we work in Nepal after it develops or should we wait for Nepal to develop and work here"? The question which made the audience ponder.
The second phase of the program was the official 'International BBA launch' in partnership with Siam University, Thiland. The program which started off at 5:30 p.m. as inaugurated by Honorable Education Minister, Ms Chitra Lekha Yadav by lighting the panas and in the presence of other dignitaries such as Mr Ajay Mudbari, President of Thai- Nepal Chamber of Commerce; Mr Anil K Shah, CEO, Mega Bank; Mr Neel Kantha Upreti, Director, Kathmandu College of Management; Prof. Pornchai Mong Khonvanit; President Siam University and Ms Jiraporn Sudanich, Minister Counselor and Chief Deputy of Mission.
The education minister highlighted the importance of education as the key to all developments and the best infrastructure a country could have.
She mentioned, "The importance of efficiency in education is quintessential for any nation to prosper. I would like to congratulate KCM for bringing in an International degree education in Nepal with the partnership and I am hopeful that this collaboration will bring in highly competent personnel for the country"

Mr Neel Kantha Upreti, Director of the College thanked Siam University, Thailand for recognizing the efforts of KCM and giving its students the opportunity to experience a global degree.Upreti, introduced KCM’s new efforts as a re-engineered and revamped program that had revisited the whole aspect of business education. He also articulated this wonderful opportunity to access global resources and his hopes for the success of the newly launched program in Nepal.