Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

Econvista 2015

Students from Kathmandu College of Management (KCM) took part in in Econvista 2015, a student’s symposium of the Economics Department of Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College, New Delhi. The event was slated on the 13th and 14th of February and was one of the largest assemblage of budding economists.
KCM was the only representative college from Nepal and it gave the college immense happiness and pride in being a part of such an exciting and challenging event on an international level.

As participants,the team had an exposure to a platform for dialogue, discussions and application on the theme “Emerging Economies: Trade, Stability and Inclusion”.

There were several flagship events that they competed under namely “Disequilibrium”, which was where differences in economic ideologies and schools of thoughts became the point of conflict hence the point of competition. In this event,theyexplored into a realm of economic contradictions, became advocates of a particular school of thought as they preached, disputed and defended though challenged by an opposing school of thought.

Similarly, MOCK IPO was another stimulating event where they had to convince the market to invest in their ideas while maximising their own portfolio. They got to play multiple roles in this event from being an investment banker to CEO, an investor to a marketer and each role tested their economic understanding and presence of mind.Likewise, “Policy Dilemma” where they had to orate their manifesto to the audience to strengthen their leadership stance in a particular economy allocated to them and make macroeconomic policies for the country subsequently.

Eco Matters was yet anotherflagship debating event of Econvista which encouraged them to come up with new perspectives on pertinent economic issues in order to challenge the boundaries of their thinking and preserve their point of views.

Alongside these, team KCM also took part in other subsidiary events in the form of a chess game called check and mate, an economics treasure hunt called Stuck In the Barter Island and the like.

All in all, the successful participation in this event, the students say gave them a broader outlook on the theme “Emerging Economies: Trade, Stability and Inclusion”, enriched theirrhetorical prowess of the same and let them showcase their passionate opinions about current economic affairs. They came back with happy faces having represented Nepal now also having an idea of what an international event looks and feels like.