Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

Guest Lecturer for Entrepreneurship

The buzz about entrepreneurship is everywhere nowadays--from magazine covers to conferences, hotel lobbies to the White House, and of course, kitchen tables. The word entrepreneur--and the world--has completely changed. Today, entrepreneurship is celebrated like never before and it is defined in so many ways--social entrepreneurship, intra-entrepreneurship, knowledge entrepreneurship, micro-entrepreneurship.

This wind of entrepreneur has not left Nepal untouched. There is a new player emerging on the cultural and business scene today: the idea entrepreneur. An idea entrepreneur usually doesn’t seek power over others and they’re not motivated by the prospect of achieving great wealth. Their goal is to make a difference. With the similar concept, there is an emergence of Ostrich farming in Nepal.

Started in the year 2065-2066 B.S., Ostrich farm located in Rupandehi is a blooming business. To talk about the challenges and the opportunity, KCM invited Mr. Laxman Paudel, CFO and promoter of Ostrich Industry, Nepal for entrepreneur students studying in the 7th semester. Changing the conservative meat eating habit of Nepalese was a difficult job. Lack of necessary local resources and skills, high investment, fuel shortage and bad harvesting season are few of the daily faced problems. But the ostrich farming has raised above all and has managed to increase its sales in each new year.
As it can be said, entrepreneurship is all about having a new idea and the willpower to tackle all the risk without losing patience.