Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

KCM students featured in CIPE

ThinkFusion, a venture started by three KCM students; Himal Gautam, Rajat Agrawal, and Prayag Bhattarai, currently studying in the third year of BBIS, has been featured on the website of Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) among two case studies published on youth entrepreneurship in Nepal. The website mentions: Himal Gautam and Rajat Agrawal met at the 16th Arthalaya (School of Economics & Entrepreneurship) in March 2013, when they were both working on their Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) at the Kathmandu College of Management. As part of a business simulation in Arthalya, they both ran small businesses for five days and became inspired to start a company of their own. Himal and Rajat then joined with two other Arthalaya graduates from a previous program class to start a consulting company called “Think Fusion.” The company works in the areas of capacity enhancement and management facilitation. Himal shares, “At our company, we believe in collaboratively putting together ideas that help people innovate, adapt, and change themselves as well as the people around them in ways that are innovative, creative, and effective. That inspiration we got from Arthalaya.” ThinkFusion is an innovative, value based company, working in the areas of consulting, event management, education, and technology. The students had been a part of Arthalaya (a workshop on entrepreneurship and economics organized by Samriddhi, the prosperity foundation). We would like to congratulate our students on this achievement, and wish them luck for their venture.

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