Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

Rise of the Tycoons - 2014

Keeping the importance of practical learning in mind, Junior Achiever’s Forum (JA Forum) organizes various events that give a platform to the students to test their management skills. This year started with their fun filled event Rise of the Tycoons- Learn as you Earn.
Three day of entrepreneurship within the college provided a platform for students to show case their management skills. With the total transaction of Rs. One lakh Fifteen thousand, fourteen different stalls catered to the need of the students. The stalls mostly included food varieties ranging from simple cold drinks to stomach filling lunch in a minimal cost.
The winners were the students from second year, with their ‘Ranjana Galli Soda’, who had revenue of Rs Twenty two thousand and won rock climbing tickets along with their earned amount. This same team was runner up previous year. The runner up for the 2014- Rise of Tycoons was the ‘Cake and Cookies’, which served to the need of homemade cake and cookies. This stall was the idea of innovative first year students which made them grab free bowling tickets. Music expresso was a total new concept, where one could dedicate songs to others.
With lot of excitement and happening inside the college, Rise of the Tycoons once again proved to the flagship event of the club.