Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

Skin Care Awareness Program

Being presentable has a lot to do with your looks. First impression may not be the last impression but it is sure to make a difference. Especially, in the field of management where personality plays a vital role, good looks help in boosting your self-confidence. Healthy skin is a sign of healthy life and a good temperament. With this belief, KCM acceptable Adopt Pvt. Ltd. to host their skin care awareness program on 4th September 2014(Thursday) at the college premises itself.

Skin problem is one of the growing problems among teenagers and youths. Pimples, rashes, blackheads, oily skin are few of the skin problems that the youths have to face. These small but impactful problems, causes frustration and depression among the students. On a bigger picture, students often loss various worthwhile opportunities. This awareness program was conducted with the motive to prevent and protect skin of all type. The main purpose was to “Build Confidence with Clear Skin”.

The focus was not only on the awareness, but also in providing proper education about skin related problems and their prevention. The campaign included: free skin checkup, free consultation, free product sampling and media coverage. With more than 200 students and faculties getting involved, skin care awareness was a small step towards building big youth personality.