Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

Sophomore Year’s Re-Orientation

A re-orientation program for sophomore year students was organized on the 5th and 6th of September, 2014, at Dhulikhel Lodge Resort. The purpose of this re-orientation was to access the students in terms of what they have done in this one year at KCM, and how they need to revisit their goals once again, and develop plans of action - long term, short term and immediate i.e. day to day to achieve their ambitions.
The program formally started off by the principal Mr Bishnu Raj Adhikari enlightening the sophomores with success stories of some KCM alumni, who have achieved milestones in the career paths. “From the very beginning, they had clear ambitions. They knew why they were at KCM and what they needed to do to achieve their goals. All of you need to know this too. This knowledge and hard work to materialize your dreams will foster success” he shared.
Then, Mr Madhu Sudan Gautam, Senior Faculty of Research and Methodology at KCM taught and made students practice the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and documentation formatting in making reports and other official documents. This session was followed by the ‘management game’ based on the three dimensions of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, which measured student’s abilities in three dimensions namely cognitive, psychomotor and affective. Quizzes were conducted to examine cognitive, a physical activity involving reflex action to measure psychomotor and ‘pictionary’ identifying words through diagrams for testing affective.
After the refreshing game session, coordination of sophomore year and a faculty of Statistics at KCM, Mr Ritesh Thakur, conducted a session on ‘grade planning’ to aid students in achieving their target level of CGPA at the end of four years and talked about the importance of a personal development plan (PDP) to organize and keep oneself focused on the goals and action plans followed by students filling up their individual PDP’s.
On the 6th of September, a session on the usage of Learning Assurance Manual (LAM) published by KCM for enriching the learning process was conducted by Mr Mahim Singh, Research Associate at KCM.