Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

China Summer Camp

We recently travelled to China on a summer camp hosted by Hebei University of Economics and Business. There were 20 people who participated in this camp from different colleges. Through this camp we were able to learn, explore and experience Chinese culture and became familiar with the components of life in China. We travelled various places, learning and experiencing new things in every step we took. Out first destination was Kunming from where we flew to Shijiazhuang. We stayed at the Hebei University where we were welcomed warm heartedly. The infamous gong Fu, calligraphy, history of tea and how to make and serve traditional Chinese tea were some of the things we learned while in the University. We also learned few Chinese songs. We visited GAO Cheng Lantern Museum and Shijiazhuang Junlebao Dairy Firm. Our next destination was the Great Wall, Beijing. There is a saying in China “If you haven’t been to the Great Wall then you are not a real hero” so we climbed the great wall and got an opportunity to become a real hero! We also visited the Forbidden City where we explored buildings, gardens and historical treasure contained within the walls of the palace. We went to Confusious Institute Headquarter and also got an opportunity to admire one of the great work of architecture built for the 2008 Olympics, The Birds Nest. Lastly for our fourth destination we travelled by the Bullet Train of China which is considered as the highest speed rail of China. We also visited cemetery of Confucious and the temple of Confucious.
-Riva Maharjan